Engaged | WV Wedding Photographer

Lauren and Eddie met at Westminster College in PA. They met during a party with friends. Their fist date consisted of a home cooked meal of deer steak, Eddie is an avid hunter.  Eddie and Lauren have been together now for 5 years. Looking back, they realize they have been in the same places multiple times, thus, they feel their meeting was bound to happen. 

Eddie popped the question on New Years Eve.  On their way our to dinner, Eddie suddenly wanted to stop and show Lauren a really cool waterfall he found while fishing. He had been saying he was going to take her there for years and he was worried that they would run out of time, being senior year. As they arrived, a freezing Lauren followed Eddie down a steep hill to get a “better view”, she was in heels and a dress, ready for dinner and unprepared for a winter hike! Lauren said,”I cannot describe the expression on his face in words, but he got down on one knee and proceeded with his five minute future defining speech, and I said YES!” They happily proceeded to dinner followed by a surprise party with all of their friends waiting at his apartment. 

For Eddie, he knew he wanted to marry Lauren as he got to know her. It was easy to see how accepting, loving, and caring she was for everything around her. Lauren grew to love the fact that Eddie was a determined, hard working, and family oriented man. The two could instantly see themselves together and spoke about their future often.  

Both Lauren and Eddie have wonderful families that would do anything for them, they are both lucky to have parents that have shown them what love truly is. The couple agree that they have had the best role models life can offer. The happy couple want to thank all of their family members and they know that they are truly blessed. 

Eddie and Lauren will wed on June 18, 2016. The nuptials will take place where they met, at Westminster college. The ceremony starts at 3:30pm and everyone can plan on having a blast at Betsy’s Barn in Portersville, PA for the reception. Guests can expect a traditional barn reception with an elegant and rustic style, along with dinner, drinks, dancing and FUN. The couple plan to honeymoon in Marco Island, FL. 

Eddie looks forward to seeing his beautiful bride on their wedding day. Lauren looks forward to her dad handing her off to the man of her dreams. The couple both look forward to having one another to lean on and to building a new family together. In 5 years the couple hope to be happily married with a house and family that they have built from scratch. Hopefully a dog and Mabelline running around their neatly groomed yard, successful with not a worry in the world, except continued happiness. They also are excited to have the continued love and support of their families together as one.