Headshots | Fairmont State Music Department | WV Portrait Photographer

I love shooting modern headshots. Nothing drives me crazier than a selfie being used in a professional capacity. So it made my day to shoot the Fairmont State University music department. They all needed a personal headshot and group photographs for various use. It was great to spend an after noon at my undergrad alma-mater, the campus has grown so much in the 10+ (yikes) years since I graduated. They were a fun bunch and I loved working with each of their personalities. Plus we had to capture the iconic 70's style fine arts building!

Cheers, Amanda

Morgantown Senior Portraits | Madeline

I recently had beautiful Madeline in from of my camera for her senior portraits. Madeline is a Class of 2017 graduate from Morgantown High. She is looking forward to continuing her studies at WVU in the fall. 

Madeline clearly has a natural beauty with her soft smile and flowing hair. She was so sweet and easy going, making for a great model. I love getting to spend time with seniors and their parents hearing about all the big plans life has waiting on them. 

At the end of our session Madeline's mom mentioned how painless the session had been. I take this as a great compliment! I aim to make everyone comfortable so that all our senior sessions are enjoyable. They should be a time to step back and reflect on what a great accomplishment it is for both the graduate and their parent. Its a great time to take it all in :)

Cheers, Amanda

Modern Headshots | WV Portrait Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of updating Hillary's headshots for her, as you can see she is stunning! I can tell you that she is just as wonderful on the outside as she is on the inside. Hillary volunteers much of her time to making other people's life better. She is the founder of the Food Recovery Network (FRN) at WVU, an organization that began two and a half years ago. She has been running this organization for two and a half years. This is a campus chapter that is working to reduce food waste at colleges and in communities. The chapter works with a local farm, a couple of Morgantown businesses, and WVU dining to transport leftover food to charities in the area. In the past two and a half years we have recovered over 5,000 meals, all of which would have otherwise gone to waste. The idea of food recovery temporarily tackles the issue of hunger while trying to help businesses become more environmentally conscious. You can find out more at https://iserve.wvu.edu/agency/detail/?agency_id=53122

Im excited to see what the future holds for Hillary and can't wait to take her first official campaign headshot in the future!